Full-stack MERN team management app used by 100+ members of Waterloop - Hyperloop Student Design Team.

Neuroscience Research EDA

Exploratory data analysis of 16,000 Frontiers in Neuroscience journals using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Scikit learn.

Mindbliss Bixby Capsule

Bixby Capsule for meditation that was featured on the marketplace and has been added by over 2,000 users.


I love building things and solving technical challenges. At IMRSV I'm developing performant speech to speech translation models for edge devices. I'm also exploring COVID-19 citation graphs to identify research trends at the University of Waterloo Data Systems Group.

Previously I've founded Vecgraph an agency consulting startups on voice assistant strategy, interned at Mindbliss, and developed embedded software system’s for a Hyperloop pod at Waterloop.

I'm currently interested in information retrieval, transformer models, and graph databases.

Get In Touch

More than anything, I like meeting people and having interesting conversations. If you want to have a chat about anything, from databases to space exploration, feel free to reach out!